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We are an association devoted to the study of Lancashire literature, history, traditions and dialect.

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Children's page

Here we are featuring work by children and grandchildren of LAA members. Any members wishing to participate, please submit on the regular members page. All we need is your relationship to the child and their first name and age.


Story by Thomas aged 5. Spelling assisted by Mum.

Friday 25th January 2013


Once upon a time there was a little boy he liked monsters and dragons.

He wished he could see a real monster.

One day he saw one while on holiday in the country. It said rah. The boy cried and ran away.

The End

* * * *

Another story by Thomas now aged 7

(unaided and unassisted)

Once upon a time there were two children called Ben and Holly who went to play Hide and Seek in the Wild Woods on Halloween. While they were playing the sky became dark. Ben and Holly wanted to go back home but they couldn’t find the way. Instead they stumbled across a spooky looking house.

Feeling scared they rang the bell but the crooked cobweb covered door creaked open on its own. They stepped inside. It was as dark as night. Ben remembered he had a torch in his back pocket. He reached for it and shone it ahead of them.

Inside the dining room Ben shone his torch slowly round the room. Suddenly Holly screamed loudly. Ben turned with the torch to see where Holly was looking and came face to face with a skeleton.

In fright he dropped the torch with a bang and ran with Holly following. They ran to the door, jumped out and then ran and ran and ran until they saw their home. They opened the door and slammed it shut.

“How was your play out?” asked their Mum. “Like being in a scary movie!” said Ben.

The End.

* * * *

First Story

By Ellie-Rose (aged 4)


Once upon a time there was a Princess and a Prince who fell in love and got married. They had a big party which was fun.

The End


This story is by Joss, aged 7. It's entirely his own work and was typed by his Mum

Yogi and The Dogs of The Woods

             Once there was a Great Hound, called Yogi.  He ventured
to the woods.  He battled with the dogs of the woods until they were on
his team to go to war.  They climbed a steep hill. When they were at
the top they met a fierce lion, five times the size of the dogs of the
woods.  Yogi climbed down from his chair, which was being carried by
the dogs of the woods. The lion laughed at Yogi and roared, "If you
defeat me, I will join your team!"  Of course, Yogi defeated the lion
and then lay down in his chair to be carried by the dogs of the woods
because Yogi was a lazy dog.  They went on until they defeated every
animal in the woods!!!

            Hidden in the ground there was a time machine which was
hidden by a time person in case they needed a spare one.  So they dug
through the leaves and took the time machine which was huge, half blue
and half green, like a gigantic globe.  They went back to dinosaur ages
and they battled a velociraptor, Yogi used his claws, 'tshhhcrr
trscchrrsshh' like that! The velociraptor joined the team.   Then they
defeated a Tyrannosaurus Rex!!!  They won the battle once again.

            So they time travelled together to the future.  They
went to battle a cyborg.  The sky was orange, like the planet Mars,
every car was floating, every tower was full of scientists working hard
at their projects.  The cyborg lived on the other side of the planet
where the clouds were green and when it rained it was poisonous and
luckily the dogs had a metal umbrella.  They found a cyborg on top of a
light blue tower.  When the cyborg saw the lazy dog in his throne, he
jumped right off of the top of the very tall tower.  He jumped right
off.  He had a gun for an arm. He saw the army and though he tried and
tried, they still defeated him.  The Cyborg didn't join the team
because he wasn't an animal and couldn't speak their language but he
could speak Miksuma which is a very, very, difficult language for any
age. Even the Middle Ages.

           Suddenly they saw loads of UFOs, they made a humming
sound and they picked up the animals, but luckily the animals had been
wearing leaf armour and the UFOs only picked up the leaves.  All of the
animals climbed the tower and jumped off the tower and then onto the
biggest UFO and broke it right open and kicked the alien.  But,
unfortunately for the aliens, this was their master and so they didn't
have anyone else to rule them so they went back home fast.  Yogi got
into the driver's seat and all the animals jumped right in the UFO.
Yogi was the champion of the universe and they all went home, back to
their place and time.

The End.

The above story and illustrations are by Ellie-Rose at the age of seven. She was assisted with spelling.


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